We are group of experts serving intellectual property communities since 1993.

BATAVIA PATENTSERVIS ASIA (formerly Batavia Patent Agent), abbreviated BPA, specializes in the field of Intellectual Property rights. Our firm is supported by wide- and well-experienced professionals and staffs in their respective backgrounds.
It has been increasingly accepted at the current information era that intellectual property (IP) rights can significantly increase the value of a business. Now business entities must pay more attention on the IP protections if they wish to become a market leader, either domestically or internationally. More reasonably, negligence of protecting your IP rights in Indonesia, a significantly big market in view of 230 millions of its population, would potentially result in serious business losts in the future. Indonesia, a member of ASEAN and G20, is one of promising stars in Asia in terms of economic growth and stability.
We stand at this point to assist and support you – as local company or overseas player – in identifying strategies for obtaining IP rights protection, managing and maintaining your IP rights, defending them against any attacks from other parties or competitors, enforcing them and commercializing them to maximize your future revenues. We use various approaches to achieve the best strategy for clients to win the competition.
Our services covers intellectual property matters comprising patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights and geographical indication. We also handle plant variety protection (breeder’s right) and registration of franchising agreement with local franchisees.
We advise and assist our clients beginning from filing and prosecution until maintenance and renewal of the registered or granted IP applications. We do both domestic and international (conventional or PCT) filings.
We have significant experiences and routinely perform search and monitoring.
We also provide service for drafting a patent specification in case the client has a concept or idea but lack of writing skill in both legal and technical senses necessary to prepare a patent document with strong claims.
Apart from above, we provide a premium service for patent due diligence, infringement analysis, freedom-to-operate analysis or clearance for the clients who intend to place their investment, manufacture or sell their products to Indonesian jurisdiction. 
Main area of expertise includes filing, prosecution, management and consulting of patent, trademark and industrial design. Industrial sectors served include Pharma, Biotech, Chemical, Materials, Petroleum, Mining, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, IT, etc.

Some global challenges and facts have resulted in reasons to be optimistic for the future of Asia, and continue to maintain or even strengthen investments (including IP assets) in the continent.

From our office in Jakarta, we help worldwide clients by establishing close collaboration with reliable Asian attorneys in the following jurisdictions:

China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and others.

Please advise us should you need information and quotation for any of Asian jurisdictions.