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Madrid Protocol-International Trademark Filing Strategy

08 October 2018

International Trademark Filing Strategy:REGISTRATION UNDER MADRID PROTOCOL The Madrid system (officially the Madrid system for the international registration of marks) is a primary international system for facilitating the registration of...


25 September 2016

  Despite of constant growing yearly, the number of patent application filing with the Indonesian IP Office (DGIP) is still considered low if compared to other countries. Official statistic for...


06 September 2016

New Patent Law was passed by the Indonesian House of Representatives on 28 July 2016, replacing the current Patent Law year 2001 and it will come into effect on 28...


10 November 2015

Indonesia has ratified the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization on 8 May 2013 through the adoption...


10 November 2015

Indonesian Government has promulgated Act No. 39 of 2014 on Plantation on October 17, 2014. In spite of improvements in some issues, several NGOs still raised concern about the necessity...

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Our service covers various types of search, including prior art search, application status search, patent registry checking, bibliography search, etc.

Keyword or subject of search may be determined according to the client’s interest. Sometimes the clients discuss in advance with us in determining such subject, since it involves terminology which must be selected from several typical terms found in local language, even though it is translated from one English term. As in illustration, information published on the Indonesian Patent Office’s website (IP Digital Library) mostly still in the local language, and only few parts are in English.

Search objects could be patent or patent applications of Indonesian Patent Office database or overseas databases, since we have links with other associates in almost all countries worldwide, including regional scope namely ASEAN (South East Asian countries) and Asia in general.  

The data obtained from search is valuable to you for detecting the exact position or status of patent or application being prosecuted. It is very important for supporting and establishing the legal standing in case of infringement analysis.  It also allows you to create a mapping of the client’s position among the competitors, assessing the opportunity for entering a particular business field, etc.  

We serve clients based on their particular needs and types of search. Client can request us to perform special searches according to the their own patterns. If necessary, we could also offer our search strategy e.g. with several stages, starting from raw or general up to specific items to be searched, in order to minimize the cost and exclude unnecessary information, thus yielding more clean results at efficient cost and time taken.

To some extents, our pricing policy in this search service is set to be flexible, as we realize that the complexity of case to be searched is of wide range. It is often that we can not predict the escalation or volume of results temporarily obtained in the mid or end of search running. Therefore, in addition to the fix costs for simple items, upon request, we may provide cost estimate in package or even cost per stage after we undertake a preliminary study or assessment of coverage on the case being searched.      

In any case, for purpose of achieving optimum and better results, we develop active communication with our clients throughout the running of search. In a difficult case, we would report to you the factual situation we are facing, e.g. when the search result indicates that we are at the “cross-roads”, then we ask your suggestion of what to do or where to go further in such circumstance.   

Search results may further be followed by analyses of infringement, freedom-to-operate, market clearance, etc. depending on the clients’ request.

With the scientists, engineers and IP attorneys as our firm’s backbones, we are confident to provide our utmost in helping you overcoming the barrier and finding the solution.

Please send us your summary of the case or subject to be searched so that we can make a preliminary assessment, before a quotation is being prepared and offered to you. Contact us at our e-mail addresses  or