Filing Requirements for a Trade Mark or Service Mark Application

  1. Your Order / Instruction Letter, containing the data sheet.
  2. Particulars of the Aplicant:
    1. Full name and address;
    2. Nationality or details of incorporation (if a corporate body)
  3. Power of Attorney, merely signed, no legalization is needed.
  4. Declaration, merely signed and no legalization is needed.
  5. Details of Mark + 40 specimens in the size of max. 9cm x 9cm, min. 2cm x 2cm (could be prepared by us).
  6. Statement of goods or services. (The goods/services must be determined individually per item, as designated under International Classification. A whole scope statement such as “all kinds of goods under Class 25” is not allowable).
  7. Certified copy of basic application(s) and English translation thereof (if convention priority claimed).