DGIP AIM for Higher Target in 2023

Acting Director General (ADG) of Intellectual Property, Razilu, expressed his appreciation and gratitutde towards his personnel for what he considered as good achievement by the institution throughout 2022. This was stated by the ADG during the 2022 DGIP Performance Evaluation event held in Jakarta on November 28, 2022.

According to the evaluation, the year 2022 saw 6,2% increase in the total number of IPR application filed by general public as compared to the previous year, as well as 7,9% increase for IPR applications filed by small micro, small and medium enterprises. In the enforcement sector, throughout 2022 the DGIP handled 40 cases, consisting of 29 cases currently under investigation, 9 cases entering mediation stage, and two other cases that were terminated. Additionally, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communication and Information, the DGIP claimed the success of shutting fown more than 1,300 infringing websites throughout the year.

Based on an official survey, Public Satisfaction Index for the DGIP has improved at 3.46 in 2022 from 3.39 last year. The DGIP has also received the Integrity Zone Award from the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reforms.

As for 2023, the DGIP is setting its targets into four different clusters. The first is to increase the total number of IPR application filings to 17%.. In line with this target, the DGIP has declared 2023 as the Year of Mark, with programs of encouraging registration of marks especially from micro, small and medium enterprises. The second cluster aims at increasing the number of granted IP protection by improving the quality of domestic IP filing. This will be achieved by preparing various programs such as Patent Drafting Camps, Geographical Indication Promoting Camps, Indonesian IP Academy, as well all Communal IP as National Priority.

In the third cluster, the aim is to improving the internal process so that 99% of the applications can be timely finished, including those that are still outstanding from preceding years. To support this cluster, the DGIP has prepared a program called POP Merek, which in Indonesian language stands for Automatic Approval of Trademark Renewals. This program is a continuation for an earlier program called POP HC, which stands for Automatic Approval of Copyright Works Recordation. As for quality assurance, the DGIP is in the process of implementing the ISO 9001:2005, as well as ISO 27001 for anti-gratification management.

Lastly in the fourth cluster, the DGIP aims at optimizing finalizing the process of all IP infringement reports that are receiver through the IP-Based Shopping Centers Certification program.


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