Documents Required for Filing a PCT Patent Application – Chapter I:

  1. Your Order / Instruction Letter, containing the data sheet.
  2. Patent specificationin Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) or English version. For patent specification in English version, its translation in Bahasa Indonesia shall be submitted at the latest one month afterward.
  3. Formal drawing (if any). We could prepare the drawing in standard format.
  4. Power of Attorney (POA), simply signed (no authorization required).
  5. Assignment (if the applicant is not the inventor itself), simply signed (no authorization required).
  6. Declaration of entitlement, completed and signed by the applicant.
  7. Copy of PCT Request (Form PCT/RO/101).
  8. Notification concerning Submission or Transmittal of Priority Document (PCT/IB/304).
  9. Copy Notification of the Recording of a Change (PCT/IB/306), if any.
  10.  WIPO/PCT International Publication
  11. PCT Notice Informing The Applicant of The Communication of The International Application to The Designated Offices (PCT/IB/308).
  12. International Search Report (PCT/ISA/210, if any).
  13. International Preliminary Report of Patentability (PCT/ISA/237, if any).

Additional Documents for Chapter II:

  1. PCT Demand – Chapter II (PCT/IPEA/401)
  2. PCT Information concerning Elected Offices (PCT/IB/332).
  3. International Preliminary Examination Report (PCT/IPEA/409, if any)

Unless otherwise specified or instructed by the Client, we will refer to the WIPO Publication on the concerned application (available at website: and may download the updated information and documents therefrom as necessary.


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