New Patent and Trademark Appeal Commissions Appointed

The Minister of Laws and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Yasonna Laoly, had officially appointed members of Patent as well as Trademark Appeal Commissions for the 2024-2027 tenure, during an inauguration ceremony that took place at the main hall of the Ministry’s headquarters in Jakarta on February 6, 2024.

The Patent Appeal Commission consists of twenty members, i.e. Razilu; Linggawaty Hakim; Ragil Yoga Edi; Bambang Widiyatmoko; Markoni; Warjito; Mochamad Chalid; Amarila Malik; Budi Suratno; Arry Ardanta Sigit; Adi Supanto; lkhsan; Syafrizal; Farida; Erlina Susilawati; Hotman Togatorop; Mahruzar; Rifto Andriawan lndrasanto; M. Adril Husni; and Dian Nurfitri.

Former officials and patent examiners of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) dominate the line up. Most notable among those are Razilu, who had an excellent career at the DGIP with high profile positions such as Acting Director General, Secretary of Directorate General, and Director of Patent and Director of Information Technology; and Arry Ardanta Sigit, who used to be Director of Cooperation and Development of the DGIP before moved and spent the rest of his career at the Directorat General of Human Rights at the same Ministry.

The rest are mostly academics and scientists, which include Ragil Yoga Edi who was an in house patent expert at the National Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN); as well as Warjito, Chalid and Amarila, who are Professors at the University of Indonesia in machine engineering, metallurgy, and pharmacy, respectively. Also among the names is retired Major General Markoni, who spent majority of his career in the Legal Corps of the Indonesian National Military (TNI), and was once the Head of Legal Administration of the TNI.

The Trademark Appeal Commission meanwhile consists of sixteen members, i.e. Dhahana Putra; Josef Adreanus Nae Soi; Fajar B.S. Lase; Budi Santoso; OK Saidin; Dina Widyaputri Kariodimedjo; Budiman N.P.D Sinaga; Junaedi Saibih; T. Didik Taryadi; Sri Mulyono; Lusi Dekrisna; lrnie Mela Yusnita; Subandini Nurtyas Utami; T. Muammar Kadafi; R. Syaifullah Hadiyanto S; and Layla Fitria. As with its patent counterpart, former DGIP officials and trademark examiners dominate the list. Didik Taryadi, for instance, was once the Deputy Director for Trademark Examination at the Directorate of Trademark and Geographical Indication. Several academics were also invited to join the team, including Budi Santoso, OK Saidin, Dina Widyaputri and Budiman, who are law professors at the Diponegoro University, University of North Sumatera, Gadjah Mada University and HKBP Nommensen University, respectively.

At the same ceremony, the Minister also officially appointed the 15-members Expert Team on Geographical Indications, consisting of academics and experts on the fields, i.e. Riyadil Jinan; Djoko Soemarno; Syaiful; Galih Prima Arumsari; Eva Laida; Muhammad Rif’an Rahmatulloh; Awang Maharijaya; Batara Siagian; Abdul Rokhman; Mariana Molnar Gabor Warokka; Miftah Farid; Agustinus Pardede; Irma Mariana; Idris; dan Gunawan.


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